Annual report and accounts
FY 2015

What we do and how we add value

Vedanta operates across the value chain, undertaking exploration, asset development, extraction, processing and value addition with a primary focus on upstream operations. We capitalise on our strategic capabilities to create value for all our stakeholders: our shareholders; our employees; our customers and the communities where we operate.

We focus on maximising returns from our long-life, low cost, scalable assets where we are now delivering strong free cash flows from a well-invested asset base. We are committed to sustainable development in all aspects of our business with a well-developed sustainability framework which which underpins everything that we do

Value Generation

We invest in growing our existing assets and have an excellent track record of extending mine and reservoir life wherever possible.

We develop world class assets, investing in the latest technology, productivity and focusing on continuous improvement to optimise costs and enhance access to market.

We operate low cost mines and oil & gas fields, capitalising on our diverse portfolio to optimise production across commodity cycles, and capitalise on our strong position in India and our proximity to emerging markets.

We focus on operational excellence and high asset utilisation to deliver top quartile cost performance and strong cash flow, selectively converting some of our primary metals into higher margin products such as sheets, rods, bars, and rolled products in our aluminium, copper and zinc businesses.

We manage our long-life mines and assets to deliver value across the life cycle and return them back to a natural state after the end of their useful life.

Licence to operate

We invest in local infrastructure and water supplies to the benefit of local businesses and communities.

Growing our assets generates direct and indirect employment through sourcing of local labour, goods and services.

Moving into full production generates value for all stakeholders:

  • We provide personal development, training and healthcare for employees
  • We invest in community initiatives around our assets
  • We initiate environmental projects to minimise the impact of our operations and increase bio-diversity
  • We develop close relationships with customers and suppliers
  • We generate a consistent dividend stream for shareholders and significant tax contributions to host governments

We work closely with local communities and regional governments to rehabilitate our mines and restore the natural habitat.